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David Miner's Statistics

Name David Miner Hours 7974.14
Pilot ID PA0008 Flights 59
Hub EGLL Distance Flown 87306 miles
Rank ATP Senior Captain Last Flight 10 Days ago
Hire Date: 05/31/2020 Last Flight Date 07/26/2020

My Bio

David Miner joined Pan American Virtual 66 days ago, and is based out of the EGLL hub. David Miner was given the Pilot ID of PA0008. Is currently holding a rank of ATP Senior Captain. PA0008 currently has 59 flights totalling 7974.14 flight hours. PA0008 last flight was on July 26, 2020, 10 days ago. PA0008 has a best landing landing of -38 with an average landing of -477. Also with a worst landing of -477. PA0008 has earned $ 21, 048.80 since joining Pan American Virtual on May 31, 2020. has also earned 29 awards flying with Pan American Virtual.

David Miner (Hired 66 days ago!)

David Miner's Landings Stats

Best Landing: -38
Average Landing: -477
Worst Landing: -3829

Awards (29)

    Command Pilot
    50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Landing
    For completing the Tour: Apollo 13 50th Anniversary.
    Eight Thousand Flight Hours
    Global Flight Challenge
    Hurricane Michael Relief
    Logevity Award
    Outstanding Service
    For completing the Tour: Pan Am Flight 1-10 Memorial.
    For completing the Tour: Pan Am Flight 1736 Memorial .
    For completing the Tour: Pan Am Flight 806 Memorial Flight.
    For completing the Tour: Pan Am Flight 812 Memorial.
    Pilot of the Year
    Pilot of the Quarter
    Pilot of the Month
    Pilot of the Week
    President of Pan American Virtual
    Recruiting Award
    South Pacific Aid to Phillippines
    For completing the Tour: Tulip Festival 2020.
    Transfer Pilot
    Veterans Day Tour 2017
    Veterans Day Tour 2018
    Veterans Day Tour 2019
    For completing the Tour: Pan Am Flight 1-10 Memorial Flight.
    For completing the Tour: Global Flight Challenge = Tier 2 Eastbound.
    For completing the Tour: Global Flight Challenge = Tier 1 Westbound.
    For completing the Tour: Global Flight Challenge = Tier 4 Eastbound.
    For completing the Tour: Global Flight Challenge = Tier 3 Westbound.

PIREP's List (59)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
PAA701 KMIA EGLL B777-300ER (N773PA) 09.25 07/26/2020 Accepted
PAR2619 KORF KMIA B727-200 (N351PA) 01.56 07/23/2020 Accepted
PA537 KJFK KORF B727-200 (N351PA) 01.01 07/22/2020 Accepted
PA481 EGLL KJFK B747-212B (N728PA) 06.31 07/21/2020 Accepted
PA481 EDDF EGLL B747-212B (N728PA) 01.05 07/21/2020 Accepted
PA481 VABB EDDF B747-212B (N728PA) 07.24 07/21/2020 Accepted
PA482 VTBD VABB B747-212B (N728PA) 03.46 07/20/2020 Accepted
PA481 VHHX VTBD B747-212B (N728PA) 02.16 07/13/2020 Accepted
PA482 RJAA VHHX B747-212B (N728PA) 03.40 07/13/2020 Accepted
PA481 KLAX RJAA B747-212B (N728PA) 09.53 07/12/2020 Accepted
PA481 KLAS KLAX B747-212B (N728PA) 00.46 07/12/2020 Accepted
PA750 KSAN KLAS B727-200 (N351PA) 00.52 07/11/2020 Accepted
PA715 KLAX KSAN B727-200 (N351PA) 00.31 07/11/2020 Accepted
PA52 KSFO KLAX B727-200 (N351PA) 01.07 07/11/2020 Accepted
PA755 KLAS KSFO B727-200 (N351PA) 01.07 07/11/2020 Accepted
PA581 KLAX KLAS B747-212B (N728PA) 01.00 07/11/2020 Accepted
PA581 RJAA KLAX B747-212B (N728PA) 11.12 07/10/2020 Accepted
PA581 VHHX RJAA B747-212B (N728PA) 03.26 07/08/2020 Accepted
PA581 VTBD VHHX B747-212B (N728PA) 02.15 07/08/2020 Accepted
PA582 VABB VTBD B747-212B (N728PA) 03.30 07/07/2020 Accepted
PA581 EDDF VABB B747-212B (N728PA) 09.01 07/01/2020 Accepted
PA581 EGLL EDDF B747-212B (N728PA) 01.03 06/30/2020 Accepted
PA581 KJFK EGLL B747-212B (N728PA) 08.05 06/29/2020 Accepted
PA578 KCLT KJFK B727-200 (N351PA) 01.16 06/28/2020 Accepted
PAR2589 KDCA KCLT B727-200 (N351PA) 00.57 06/28/2020 Accepted
PA73 KJFK KDCA B727-200 (N351PA) 00.52 06/28/2020 Accepted
PA281 EGKK KJFK B707-321 (N714PA) 08.51 06/28/2020 Accepted
PA281 EDDF EGKK B707-321 (N714PA) 00.59 06/27/2020 Accepted
PA281 LOWW EDDF B707-321 (N714PA) 01.05 06/27/2020 Accepted
PA281 LTBA LOWW B707-321 (N714PA) 02.01 06/26/2020 Accepted
PA282 OLBA LTBA B707-321 (N714PA) 01.29 06/26/2020 Accepted
PA281 OPKC OLBA B707-321 (N714PA) 04.04 06/22/2020 Accepted
PA281 VYYY OPKC B707-321 (N714PA) 03.55 06/22/2020 Accepted
PA281 VTBD VYYY B707-321 (N714PA) 00.56 06/21/2020 Accepted
PA281 VHHX VTBD B707-321 (N714PA) 02.19 06/20/2020 Accepted
PA281 RJTT VHHX B707-321 (N714PA) 04.10 06/20/2020 Accepted
PA281 PHNL RJTT B707-321 (N714PA) 07.48 06/20/2020 Accepted
PA281 KSFO PHNL B707-321 (N714PA) 04.30 06/19/2020 Accepted
PA381 PHNL KSFO B707-321 (N714PA) 04.44 06/14/2020 Accepted
PA381 RJTT PHNL B707-321 (N714PA) 06.44 06/14/2020 Accepted
PA381 VHHX RJTT B707-321 (N714PA) 03.29 06/11/2020 Accepted
PA381 VTBD VHHX B707-321 (N714PA) 02.14 06/11/2020 Accepted
PA381 VYYY VTBD B707-321 (N714PA) 00.59 06/11/2020 Accepted
PA381 OPKC VYYY B707-321 (N714PA) 03.57 06/09/2020 Accepted
PA381 OLBA OPKC B707-321 (N714PA) 04.12 06/09/2020 Accepted
PA381 LTBA OLBA B707-321 (N714PA) 01.34 06/08/2020 Accepted
PA381 LOWW LTBA B707-321 (N714PA) 02.00 06/08/2020 Accepted
PA381 EDDF LOWW B707-321 (N714PA) 01.07 06/08/2020 Accepted
PA382 EGKK EDDF B707-321 (N714PA) 01.12 06/08/2020 Accepted
PA381 KJFK EGKK B707-321 (N714PA) 06.38 06/06/2020 Accepted
PA1181 EINN KJFK L-1049 (N6213C) 10.57 06/04/2020 Accepted
PA1181 EGKK EINN L-1049 (N6213C) 01.41 06/03/2020 Accepted
PA1181 EBBR EGKK L-1049 (N6213C) 00.34 06/03/2020 Accepted
PA1182 LTBA EBBR L-1049 (N6213C) 04.39 06/02/2020 Accepted
PA8 EBBR LTBA L-749 (N86528) 04.35 06/02/2020 Accepted
PAA507 KLAX EBBR B777-300ER (N773PA) 12.15 06/02/2020 Accepted
PA121 EGLL KLAX B707-321 (N714PA) 10.13 06/01/2020 Accepted
PAR2322 LFPG EGLL B727-200 (N351PA) 00.45 05/31/2020 Accepted
PAR2310 EGLL LFPG B727-200 (N351PA) 01.01 05/31/2020 Accepted

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