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Juergen Vollmer's Statistics

Name Juergen Vollmer Hours 3034.28
Pilot ID PA0011 Flights 10
Hub EDDF Distance Flown 2245 miles
Rank ATP Senior Captain Last Flight 303 Days ago
Hire Date: 07/30/2020 Last Flight Date 11/19/2020

My Bio

Juergen Vollmer joined Pan American Virtual 416 days ago, and is based out of the EDDF hub. Juergen Vollmer was given the Pilot ID of PA0011. Is currently holding a rank of ATP Senior Captain. PA0011 currently has 10 flights totalling 3034.28 flight hours. PA0011 last flight was on November 19, 2020, 303 days ago. PA0011 has a best landing landing of -200 with an average landing of -327. Also with a worst landing of -327. PA0011 has earned $ 899.33 since joining Pan American Virtual on July 30, 2020. has also earned 4 awards flying with Pan American Virtual.

Juergen Vollmer (Hired 416 days ago!)

Juergen Vollmer's Landings Stats

Best Landing: -200
Average Landing: -327
Worst Landing: -607

Awards (4)

    Command Pilot Wings
    Three Thousand Flight Hours
    Pilot of the Month
    Pilot of the Quarter

PIREP's List (10)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
PAV06 KBTV KDCA ATR42-500 (N4202G) 01.38 11/19/2020 Accepted
PAV05 KSYR KBTV ATR42-500 (N4202G) 00.46 11/18/2020 Accepted
PAV04 KMDT KSYR ATR42-500 (N4202G) 00.48 11/15/2020 Accepted
PAV03 KROA KMDT ATR42-500 (N4202G) 01.13 11/15/2020 Accepted
PAV02 KTYS KROA ATR42-500 (N4202G) 00.55 11/08/2020 Accepted
PAV01 KCLT KTYS ATR42-500 (N4202G) 01.06 11/08/2020 Accepted
PAR161 KLGA KBWI B314 (NC18602) 00.36 11/07/2020 Accepted
PA16111 KMIA KMSY B727-200 (N351PA) 01.14 08/01/2020 Accepted
PA101 EDDL EBBR B377 (N1035V) 00.33 07/31/2020 Accepted
PA1 EDDF EDDL DC-6B (N6115C) 00.39 07/30/2020 Accepted

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