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Pilots: 11
Total Airline Hours: 596
Flights: 209
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 224,980
Aircraft: 41
Passengers: 21,956
Routes: 9690

Aug 2020 Top Landings

Ryan H.722-23 ft/min
MICHAEL M.D63-168 ft/min
Gary J.722-200 ft/min
Raphael M.320-202 ft/min
Ryan H.L104-289 ft/min
Ryan H.M11-293 ft/min
Juergen V.722-366 ft/min
Gary B.741-713 ft/min

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Company News

Posted by Perry Fincher, CEO of Pan American Virtual on 12/02/2019

Welcome to Pan American

Pan American Virtual aims to revisit and expand on the legacy of one of the most well known airlines ever to take to the skies, Pan American World Airways. Pan American Virtual provides its pilots with the use of aircraft ranging from Pan American World Airways propliners and classical jets.

Though the original real world Pan American World Airways is no longer in operation since 1991, despite several attempts to revitalize it, our VA wants to relive the legacy of the world most influential and experienced airline. Pan American Virtual makes an effort to keep all flights schedules as realistic as possible. Part of the mission of this virtual airline is to operate and fly routes as well as aircraft in which were flown by Pan Am. Furthermore, expand and provide routes and aircraft that may have been flown if they were in operation today.

Live Flights

Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt GS Distance/Time

Recent Flights

PAV9120MICHAEL MULLANEGCCEDDTDC-8-6301.59-168 ft/m Pending
PA11101Ryan HunsbergerKSFOPADQL-104906.46-289 ft/m Pending
PAV830Gary BuskaRJAAPHNLB747-12107.37-713 ft/m Pending
PA1262Gary JonesEGPFEGLLB727-20001.11-200 ft/m Pending
PAA124Raphael MollKMIAKJFKA320-20002.33-202 ft/m Accepted
PAA2702Ryan HunsbergerEGLLKMIAMD-1109.36-293 ft/m Accepted
PA16111Juergen VollmerKMIAKMSYB727-20001.14-366 ft/m Accepted
PAR2141Ryan HunsbergerLLBGEGLLB727-2004.50-23 ft/m Accepted
PAA541Gary BuskaKDENKLASB737-80001.38-117 ft/m Accepted
PA101Juergen VollmerEDDLEBBRB37700.33-209 ft/m Accepted

Pilots Online

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Recent Bids

Raphael has chosen flight PA16 departing from RJAA arriving at KSFO,and will be flying a B747-212B (N728PA)

Raphael has chosen flight PA2 departing from VHHX arriving at RJAA,and will be flying a B747-121 (N733PA)

Raphael has chosen flight PA1 departing from RJAA arriving at VHHX,and will be flying a B747-121 (N733PA)

Raphael has chosen flight PA11 departing from KSFO arriving at RJAA,and will be flying a B747-212B (N728PA)

Recent Activity

PA0003 MICHAEL MULLAN has filed a PIREP from EGCC to EDDT View Flight Report

PA0010 Ryan Hunsberger has filed a PIREP from KSFO to PADQ View Flight Report

PA0004 Gary Buska has filed a PIREP from RJAA to PHNL View Flight Report

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